About us

In today’s fast changing world it is mandatory to have the best products / services to sustain the market competition.

Auto Plus Auto Parts LLC is a leading player in the field of Batteries, Lubricants, Tires and oil filters in Ras Alkhaimah, having a vision to become the region’s most customer-centric supplier of Automobile Spare Parts.

Since the inception of the company in 2011, Auto Plus Auto Parts has established its self as a major competitor in the field of car batteries, automotive lubricants and oil filters. This quick success of the company would not have been possible without creating a suitable atmosphere for our experienced team to bring the utmost of their efforts and without our sincere reliable partners.

Management profile:

Chairman: Dr. Mohammed Al Yafei

The founder of Auto Plus Auto Parts, who after graduating from RAK university with MBBS degree, established this company in RAK. He is the financial and technical backbone of the company, who now leads the company.

Managing Director: Dr. Bader Al Kandari

Operations Manager: Binny Charles 

He is the head of operations as well as purchase and sales departments. He has been actively involved in much senior and junior recruitment in the company.

  • To become the region’s most customer-centric supplier of Automobile Spare Parts.
  • To become the preferred partner of our customers in offering a reliable, affordable and value-added supply of Automobile Spare Parts.
  • Core values :
    • Integrity: We believe in being open about our strengths, capabilities and the service we can offer. We find that this approach eliminates challenges from the outset and results in a winning solution for everyone.
    • Understanding: We believe that our true worth is measured by the way we serve our clients and we passionately believe in building long term relationships with you and taking the time to understand your business. Our service is centered on you and your company’s needs.
    • Mutual Respect: At all times we will treat you and any information you agree to share with us with the utmost respect and never forget that you are a person. All we ask is that you do the same.
    • We Care: we work for you. Our purpose is to listen to you, understand your needs and help you to find what you are looking for. We have the skills, the knowledge and the resources, but most importantly we have the desire to get things right.
    • Zealous: We are more Passionate deriving about the things what you wanted and give the best from our end.
  • Why us?

We are the perfect partner to assist any company in finding the right auto parts due to our hands-on experience.  We assure deliverance of exceptional products and services to all our clients.

Having a deep understanding of international brands, we guide our clients in making the right decisions from a wide range of quality products. We believe in sourcing, importing, and supplying the auto parts that best suites our Clients needs.

Proper validation checks are done before any proposals are sent to our clients thereby suggesting the best products that suit their purpose & budget.  Our objective is to maintain a lasting relationship with all our esteemed clients by providing continued quality services.

Benefits of using our Specialists:  Auto Plus Auto Parts, through its affiliate suppliers across the globe, provides extensive auto parts that are current and competitive. Our strength lies in the diversity of our products & services. Learn more about how we can make things easier for you.

Our company is vastly client -oriented, with the intention to offer reasonable services to our clients. It is significant that our whole establishment works constantly, cost effectively and professionally towards the client needs.

  • Why Outsourcing?

Why the companies contract a third party for their sourcing needs?

    • Focus on Core Activities: in rapid growth periods, the back-office operations of a company will expand also. This expansion may start to consume resources (human and financial) at the expense of the core activities that have made the company successful. Contracting some activities to a third party will allow refocusing on those business activities that are important without sacrificing quality of service in the back-office.
    • Economies of scale: Save money when unit costs go down as volumes increase. External service providers can achieve economies of scale unavailable to individual firms when they combine the volumes of multiple companies. Economies of scale are not limited to physical processes. Other precious assets — including money, relationships, and people — may be shared.
    • Cost and Efficiency Savings: The size of a company preventing them from performing complicated back-office functions at a consistent and reasonable cost is another advantage of third party contracting.
    • Reduced Overhead: Overhead costs of performing a particular back-office function are extremely high. Consider contracting those functions which can be moved easily.
    • Operational Control: Operations whose costs are running out of control must be considered for outsourcing. Departments that may have evolved over time into uncontrolled and poorly managed areas are prime motivators for outsourcing.